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Failing to plan is simply planning to fail.

We at CPMG can offer our assistance for improving the operation of property management and identify the areas that need attention. We recommend implementation of possible reconstruction of guidelines towards finance, and skills to provide a total strategic plan and risk profile for client’s property portfolio. We will consider prudent limits of exposure for various property sectors, ownership structures and equity levels.

CPMG will assess the performance of the property or portfolio to establish a specific operative strategy plan to ensure that the net income is optimized. This will result in a report on the short, medium and long-term strategies with recommendations to hold, sell, or develop the real estate.

As a consultant, we assist property owners and property managers with due diligence services, operation reviews and audits. We audit revenues, CAM charges, Pass-through charges, lease agreements, and capital structure.

We are actively helping partnerships and ownerships with property repositioning and property valuation.

Our fees are based on time spent on the project at hand. We will perform our work as an independent consultant.