Facility Management

We put your mind at ease by providing the proper upkeep and maintenance of your property.

CPMG delivers site management services and is committed to client satisfaction. Through a strong foundation of technical professionals, the site management division has grown into a thriving service for a wide range of clients.

CPMG property supervisors oversee cleaning, landscaping, trash removal, steam cleaning, HVAC servicing, graffiti removal, roof maintenance and other day-to-day maintenance issues. In addition, the property supervisor prepares a Monthly Property Inspection Report for the property manager and the owner. The report offers per-item status reports on sidewalks, gutters, sprinklers, parking facilities, lighting, and more. It also contains the manager's recommendations as to the relative priority of any maintenance issues.

CPMG clients recognize the multi-faceted advantages of owner representation in the site management. Private investors, partnerships, corporations, and non-profit institutions benefit from CPMG's approach in planning, budgeting, managing and implementing site management projects. The Insignia PMG team possesses specialized training and experience to deliver a superior level of service. CPMG resources include field supervisors as well as licensed and insured independent practitioners in construction management. CPMG uses a competitive bid process among licensed, insured vendors to provide the best maintenance services at the best price.